Thursday, July 30, 2009

Koza - The Best Name In Production Assistants (2)

...So, when I was looking for a production assistant for some projects in the Tortugas I thought of Koza. People always comment they would love to carry my cameras. I have heard that for years. The interesting thing about those statements is that carrying cameras (and tanks, weights, pulling anchors, climbing into boats, etc) is not that easy. Add to it a lack of sleep over several days with a rigorous operational pace and carrying my cameras is far less glamorous. Koza has always been a workhorse on our projects. I thought he may appreciate something a little warmer and not so devoid of life as our past reservoir operations at Lake Mead NRA. 

Day after day, dive after dive Koza has been money. He is always in the perfect position just behind, watching my back. You might think this is an easy task but many shots have been ruined with a camera move in a different direction only to have a stunned diver swimming frantically trying to get out of the way. Watching my back is also key. On underwater shoots, I rarely demonstrates the best buddy skills. A shooter is generally focused one thing – the shot. Koza is my safety diver and underwater grip by day and my repair tech by night. After a couple of dives this week, he would surface with a big smile on his face and comment he just had one of the best dives of his life. Coming from a legendary old-school diver, thats saying a lot. A couple of days ago (he will certainly know which one) I turned around to get a second camera from him and there he was, resting on the bottom with a big grin from ear to ear. His trademark twenty-plus year old mask barely held a water tight seal the smirk was so massive. Good times. Koza – The best name in production assistances.

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