Monday, September 14, 2009


Isle Royale National Park, Michigan - Chisolm, a bulk freighter built of wood, was built in 1880 and ran aground in the predawn hours of October 20, 1898. Large sections of the wooden hull lie scattered among the Cumberland wreckage on a reef not marked by the Rock of Ages Lighthouse. This site features an intact steam enging with drive shaft and propeller sitting in about 140’ of water. The double expansion steam engine stands about 20 feet tall an
d is near perfect condition framed in ornate iron work. The engine has two pistons, one 30" and the other 56" in diameter, that operated with a four foot stroke. - Steve Martin, ISRO Picture of the Day.
Chisolm is my favorite site in the park. This massive expansive steam engine is difficult to describe it is so remarkable. The size is the first thing one marvels, but on closer examination the ornate designs crafted out of steel that surround the engine are the most remarkable. The craftsmanship involved to create such artistry in a location that no one will ever see is amazing to me. Once you rebound from the engine, one can swim along the perfectly intact prop shaft out to the propeller. Again, size is the prominent feature. Along the i
ntact stern you can observe the water marks cut into the wood in roman numeral are visible.

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