Friday, September 4, 2009

Shipwrecks of Isle Royale

Isle Royale National Park, Michigan –Few location have stir the imagination like Isle Royale National Park. When I first started working with the NPS it was one of those places that held mythical status, much like the USS Arizona Memorial. The thought of all those shipwrecks in one location so well preserved in the cold dark waters of Lake Superior. I have had the opportunity to visit Isle Royale on two separate occations in the past three years. Each project only wetted my appitite to spend more bottom time imaging these massive vessels.

So, I am for two weeks with the federal mandate to conduct condition assments. Basically, this means an archeologist swims around the site and rates the condition of the site with the appropriate terminology and paperwork as poor, fair or good. In addition, they look for impacts, human or natural, and note those as well. What this means for me is bottom time! Hit as many sites as the weather will allow with the talent park dive team from Isle Royale on my absolute favorite dive boat in the NPS – the Lorelei.

Isle Royale Park Dive Officer Steve Martin came up with the great idea to provide the entire Isle Royale park staff with a picture of the day with a brief description of the operation each day. Since I ended generating some of the best shipwreck images I have ever shot, I thought it would be appropriate to post them here as well. I will include the blat that Steve offered up to the park staff regarding the project and perhaps interject some addional prose if appropriate. Enjoy the cold waters of Isle Royale Shipwrecks.

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