Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Community Ownership

Our final stop of the day was another well Living Waters had completed earlier in the year just a few miles up the road in the same valley. As we approached the desolate well site we found a thatched fence had been erected around the pump. David, our Living Waters Country Director said they loved to return to a will that had a fence around. In Africa this was the ultimate sign of talking ownership. Around the well were children playing while adults pumped water into there jerry cans. A couple of small children tag teamed the pump handle to make the water flow. With each upward pump, there tiny feet nearly left the ground. In the short time we were there water was flowing constantly. A consecutive steam of individuals arriving to retrieve water – clean water.

The water solution in many parts of the world, including Africa is really not that complex. Sure local water tables differ, there is much debate on the global status of water, even the polar ice caps are melting. These are issues we currently face and could dramatically change how the world looks, however lets not spend so much time and energy on science and theory that we overlook the countless small village and billions of people world-wide that live without clean water. For those people the answer lies is groups like Living Water with the assets in countries to drill wells and a population of individuals who will stand up and say disease ridden watering holes is not ok. Individuals who believe every person deserves clean water. Individuals who are willing to do something about it with through any one of the hundreds of clean water organizations currently solving this problem one well at a time. Are you part of the water solution?

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