Sunday, February 6, 2011

Kigali, Rwanda


  1. Brett, this is fine work. I much enjoy reading your words and seeing your images. The blog about the children photographers was especially enjoyable. Thanks for doing this, all of this, and thanks for sharing these thoughts and observations with us. Safe Travels. Larry

  2. Brett,

    The photos are great. I'm curious if they are individual pics or digital frames from your shooting--not sure how that works these days.
    The images capture an interesting narrative in themselves along with what you've written.

    I wonder regarding the absence of males if there might be a situation with immigration as exists many places in Mexico where the men only return occasionally but send money from some other place with a better ecomony?

    This seems like a very life-oriented, decent project and Barb and I wish you the best of luck with it.

    Dan (anonymous) Lenihan

  3. Overwhelmed by the pictures and posts of your experiences in Africa. What a truly wonderful, inspiring and eternally rewarding project you, Andre and all involved are doing. May God bless you and your families as well while you are away and provide safety in your travels. I look forward to reading and seeing more!