Friday, July 9, 2010

Money Shot

The WHOI crew left today with most of the gear except for the bare essentials to keep the 3D rigs rolling (which would fill a pickup). The Woods Hole 3D all-star, Marryann also agreed to stay on a couple days. Either she saw the potential of this wonderful place and wanted to capture it in 3D when the sun was out…or she simply had pity for me and the bad weather we have been stuck under until now. Either way, I’m just pleased she is still here and we are still shooting.

We finally got the money shots for the Tortugas part of the documentary on a shipwreck site called the Windjammer. The visibility was better than I have seen in it in years and we were there rolling in the soft afternoon sun to capture it. This particular site is the iconic Tortugas shot. A steel hulled windjammer type vessel called the Avanti that sank in 1907. Because of its structure which spans the sea floor to just above the waters surface, the marine life, both corals and millions of fish, make it the most visited site in the park to those who have boat access. This is the shot I have seen in my minds eye for so long. I have to say, to see it in 3D for the first time was a reminder of my first dive on it 16 years ago. Finally, its only day 11 of a 10 day expedition.

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