Sunday, July 11, 2010

Why 3D?

Dry Tortugas NP  - I guess I have not really explained why I have been so passionate about this 3D technology in these posts. Although I will be the first to admit I enjoy technology, for me its not about jumping on some marketing bandwagon as the term 3D has become. The simple number letter combo has become the latest cash cow for big business which ironically could sink the whole visual experience for the masses, but that is a whole other post. When I first saw what Advanced Imaging and Visualization Laboratory at Woods Hole was doing with 3D several years ago I immediately began to relive my first experiences in the underwater world. Seeing it brought to life on a screen in an immersive visual experience was revolutionary for me as a photographer and filmmaker. This truly is the next best thing to being there. An visceral experience where the viewer engulfed in the submerged world but is not wet, cold or trying to stay alive. Also, these cameras tend to see much better than the human eye with a much wider perspective. To me, this was a personal holy grail as tool to share the underwater experience with the masses who will never be as fortunate to swim in this world for themselves. As I mentioned in previous blogs, this is exactly why I became an underwater photographer and work for the National Park Service. Years ago I saw the direct benefit to the NPS by developing a 3D capability to engage the public to the diversity and spectacular underwater environments in their national parks which have been set aside for the enjoyment and protection of this and future generations. Its not about replacing a personal experience of diving these reefs and wrecks in the Tortugas but engaging and exciting the public to come experience it for themselves. If they cant make the journey, they should not be excluded…we can bring it to them in 3D. 

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