Tuesday, March 9, 2010

For those of you not familiar with rebreathers, the principle is very simple – and very old. While underwater diving on SCUBA, rather than releasing all those bubbles when you exhale – and wasting all the air (or gas) your carrying – a rebreather keeps all that air in the system and you re-breather it. Sounds simple enough - if your willing to trust your life to a tiny electronic computer that has been tasked to operate in a water environment. Perhaps one of the best analogies regarding rebreathers was passed on to me by a friend awhile back while shooting an episode of the DeepSea Detectives television show. “A rebreather is like a very beautiful girlfriend who cheated on you”, John Chatterton said. “You love her and as much as you want to be with her, in the back of you mind your just waiting for it to happen again”. As much as you love diving the rebreather and the benefits its brings, in the back of you mind your waiting for it to simply die and take you with it. That’s where the training and disciple pays off.

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