Friday, March 26, 2010

Local Supermarket

Road to Quang Ngai, Vietnam - As we headed out to experience how a simple playground had transformed a community we came across a street market in a small town an hour outside of Da Nang. Markets like these are common among most nations around the globe. As I watched people stop there motor bikes along side the road and barter for there groceries, I was sadly reminded of how we have lost this sense of community in the US. Our neighborhoods are filed with the big box stores that if one were locked inside could subsist for the better part of a decade. There was something extremely refreshing about needing fish and buying it from someone who had caught fish. Although I was shooting video on this project, these markets were one of the most visually interesting sights as we traveled through Vietnam.

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  1. I totally agree, we have no idea where our food comes from. We could learn a lot from third world nations.